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Take control of your custody situation with Custody Toolbox, Five O'clock Software's all-in-one custody management solution.

Whether you're in a nasty custody battle, a harmonious custody sharing situation, or anywhere in between, Custody Toolbox will help you organize all of your custody-related information.

Custody Toolbox features a calendar, a journal, a child information database, an address book, and a handy to-do list. New with version 2, Custody Toolbox now offers password protection for your sensitive information.

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The easy-to-use calendar tool is color coded to make viewing and updating your co-parenting schedule a snap. Plus, you can add events to the calendar (and set alarms for them if you like) with just a few mouse clicks. Once you set up your parenting time schedule with the schedule wizard, Custody Toolbox will tell you the percentage of time that the children are spending with each caregiver. Printing the monthly calendar is a snap, too.

The custody journal tool can make all the difference if and when your child custody case goes to court. By using it regularly, you'll have a detailed record of custody-related occurrences that you can hand over when your lawyer needs it or the judge asks for it. You define the category for each journal entry that you add, making it easy to search for information that you need using the advanced search and reporting feature.

Along with the journal, Custody Toolbox includes an expense tracking tool and a mileage tracking tool. With these, you won't be left guessing when you try to figure out how much you're paying in custody-related expenses or exactly how many miles you've driven to pick up and drop of your children. You'll have detailed, easy-to-read reports right at your fingertips.

The child info tool gives you a place to store important information about your child or children. Record Social Security numbers, medical information, school information, etc. There's even a place to store your custody/holiday schedule agreement so you don't have to pull out the divorce papers to remember the schedule every time a holiday comes around.

Custody Toolbox also has an address book that will remind you when birthdays and anniversaries are coming up and a handy to-do list.

Finally, printing your data couldn't be easier. The print reports tool consolidates all of your printing options onto one screen.

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