Custody Toolbox Customer Testimonials

"Custody Toolbox has helped me in many ways. First, let me start by saying that I was awarded custody of my daughter. I did not have a lawyer and her father did. With the help of this program, I was able to keep track of all court filings and hearings along with all communication back and forth between me and her father. I was able to show the court a timeline of all events from the point our 'battle' started until the date of the final hearing.

I still continue to use Custody Toolbox to keep track of child supports payments he has made and/or missed along with visitation schedules and communication between him and my daughter. I have recommended this program to co-workers and I would recommend it to anyone going through this difficult experience.

I did research before purchasing Custody Toolbox and found this was the best program for the money. Thank you Custody Toolbox!"

- Kari L.
Fonda, NY

"I absolutely LOVE this program! It is very helpful in organizing my thoughts, expenses, and schedule."

- Shirley S.
Greenfield Park

"Your child custody program is awesome. It has already helped get joint legal and joint physical custody of both of my boys."

- Ryan M.
Clio, Michigan

"It's a dynamic tool. I use it to keep track of everything I do with my child, schedules for pick up/drop off, memos... I log everything."

- Maurice M.
Bowie, MD

"I used to track things on a calendar by hand writing everything. I love Custody Toolbox and find it very helpful and very efficient."

- Jackie L.
Port Republic, MD

"After I did a lot of research, Custody Toolbox seemed the easiest to use and had the best features for the money. I have recommended it to several attorneys I know and it has already worked well for me and saved me a lot of trouble."

- Richard M.
Columbia, SC

"I look forward to using your software fo the next 14 years or so (I have a four year old). I feel like this is really going to help my case. I will recommend this program to friends and relatives in similar situations."

- Andrew B.
Salt Lake City, UT

"Wow! Thank you SO much for your quick response! That took care of the problem. This software is a wonderful way to keep things organized and I am glad to use it!"

- Heather M.
Tampa, FL

"I really love this program!!! The reports, journals and calendar are very useful. It helps you to really see who is taking care of what and when they are taking care of it. It is much easier to keep up with information than journaling by hand ever could be. I tried doing that and quickly fell behind. The program keeps information in categories. If there is an issue that repeats itself, it is easy to find out when and why. You cannot go wrong with Custody Toolbox !!!"

- Leah J.
McDonald, TN

"Custody Toolbox has been a tremendous help during my custody battle, not to mention a great investment! Custody Toolbox made it very easy to keep track of all exchange times, events, special occasions and even your personal thoughts without all the hassle and frustration of dealing with countless calendars, notebooks, daily planners and journals.

The tools included with the software were simple to use and were most helpful. As I sat at my desk for hours turning into days trying to map out a Parenting Plan covering the entire year and years following, I could not stop thinking to myself:"There has to be an easier way".

That is when I came across Five O’ Clock Software. This software had everything I needed and more, including multiple suggested Parenting Plans already mapped out for the whole year! Custody Toolbox did not only cut my workload, time and stress that is involved in half, it also saved me a noticeable amount of money!

I am amazed by the amount of time and money I saved by using this product and would recommend this software to everyone whom has or is experiencing the stress and unfortunate events of a Child Custody Battle. When times are hard on you, it makes times hard on your children. Why not make it a little easier for everyone?"

- Adam Bialach
Lake Havasu City, AZ

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